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Unable to go to doctor because of high deductibles?

Painting your car scratches yourself to avoid increase in premiums?

Looking at insane bills due to pre-existing conditions?

Worry no more, Unity Matrix Commons will protect you from being held hostage by insurance monopolies across sectors by covering all out-of-pocket costs regarding insurance. No insurance agents and middlemen with incentives to deny your claims.

Just exchange your ETH for UMC tokens, use them to purchase a policy. And the best part- if you don't end up using your premium, we will refund you 100% by the end of plan period. For any further information about crypto market please read here: Coincierge.de.

To add to this if you are struggling to make Bitcoin (which you can then convert to ETH) you should seriously consider an automated bitcoin trading software programme. These will allow those who are not well versed in the skill of advanced cryptocurrency trading to begin and even allows beginners to tip their toes in the water. Bitcoin lifestyle is just one example and even contains an impartial Bitcoin Lifestyle Review on its page so that you may make an objective decision whether to invest. Click the link, check them out today and no matter your experience get trading for impressive returns and come back to Unity Matrix Commons to purchase insurance using your well earned new cryptocurrency.

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Unity Matrix Commons client has a user friendly interface, making filing a claim simple and easy.

Save Money

With a Unity Matrix Commons policy, if you don't end up using your premium, we will refund you 100% by the end of plan period.


Without corporate entities to manipulate claims; Unity Matrix Commons policyholders work within a network community with reasonable limitations are in control of how claims are handled.


The Unity Matrix Commons client will feature 2-factor authentication and redaction tools to protect user accounts and personal information during the claims process.


Our incentive driven voting system will help process claims in a fast, cheap and fair manner allowing claims and disputes to be resolved in a timely manner.


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