About Us

No matter what life throws at you, they all have a common problem. They are usually never planned and can cause financial misfortune. More so, this hardship could not only affect you, but effect your entire family. Other companies are looking to make money from your hardships, however Unity Matrix Commons is different.

Unity Matrix Commons is here with a blockchain-based solution. We offer a community funds that can cover those unexpected costs. What’s better? If for some reason you don’t use our utility, at the end of your annual term period your initial token investment is returned to your account. Our client will be controlled by the community. Its users will vote on all cases – no middlemen, no agents and no centralization. The community ultimately will have control of the system.

We at UMC have assembled a team of special individuals from all walks of life with a combined two decades of face-to-face experience with clients in various roles ranging from sales, customer service, and commercial software products. Our team understand the day to day struggles people face when the unexpected happens. The goal of the UMC project is to provide individuals with a financial relief utility. With the power of blockchain technology integrated into an organized community of common people like you and many others, we can all help lighten the financial burdens many people face across the planet in their day to day lives.




How our system works: