About Us

Whether it be health, automobile or property- all insurances have one thing in common. They charge the customer a fortune, and to be able to actually use any of those policies you have to shell a fortune in “out-of-pocket” costs in the form of deductibles, copay, coinsurance and denials for pre-existing conditions. Moreover if you don’t use it, the entire money just goes to the insurance provider which continues to profit at our expense.

To save you from these soaring costs, Unity Matrix Commons is here with a blockchain-based solution. We offer policies on a flat price to cover all out-of-pocket costs associated with insurance. What’s better? If you don’t use it, at the end of term period you get your initial investment back. The community of policyholders votes on claims- no middlemen, no agents and no centralization. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t.

We’ve assembled a team of special individuals who get YOU, with combined two decades of face-to-face experience with clients in various roles ranging from sales, customer service and developing commercial software products used by millions of people across the world. And to top it all- we dislike the power and corruption of insurances as much as you, and don’t believe in playing dice with your life.






How our system works: