Discord Invitation Contest!

We are running a discord invitation contest from now until July 31st!

If you are interested in participating, please read the rules and follow the instructions given below.


  • You must have a minimum of 30 Discord invites to the Unity Matrix Commons Discord to be eligible to win.
  • A person can only be invited once; no duplicate invitations will be accepted.
  • Accounts suspected of being fake will disqualify the inviter.
  • The person with the most invites at the end of the month will receive a brand new  Nano Ledger S.



  • To get started you must create an invite link which can be found on Unity Matrix Commons Discord directly above the chat and voice lobby.
  • Make sure to set the invite link to “never expire” then copy and paste to your invitees.
  • To view your current status in discord head over to “#invites” text channel and type “!invites @yourdiscordname”.
  • You will see the number of total invites. Example: @Bob has 0 invites! (0 regular, 0 bonus, 0 fake, 0 leaves)
  • Keep in mind, the contest only counts for active members on discord.
  • Once we verified all accounts, we will announce the winner across our social media platforms.
  • Delivery information will be collected from the winner.


The Ledger Nano S will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to ensure there is no tampering with the device. A tracking number for your prize will be given shortly after shipping occurs.



We are not responsible for lost or stolen coins when using your Ledger Nano S. Please follow the instructions from the manufacturer when using the device. If you experience any technical issues with your nano Ledger S please contact nano ledgers customer support at support.ledgerwallet.com

We thank you for participating and wish you all the best of luck!



The UMC Team

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