Development updates- Feb, 2018: Very close to launch

Our development team has been working heads down on the project going live, and you can constantly keep checking updates on our GitHub: There have been some setbacks to our initial goal of launching by January, so we wanted to offer some transparency and share an update with all potential users who we look […]

Update 12-13-17

Hello Everyone! We are happy to announce and launch our new roadmap: While our devs are diligently working on the UMC application, we are gearing up to start accepting Beta applications! This is a huge landmark for the project and we’re one step closer to going live. Stay tuned for more news!

Update 11-29-2017

Hello Everyone, We apologize for the delay in updates and responses, as we have been working diligently on rebranding due to legal issues we encountered with a very large insurance firm. Legally we cannot go any further into detail with this issue. Umbrella Coin is now known as Unity Matrix Commons. We have changed our […]

Dev update 10.5.2017 – Voting system

Hello everyone! Ever since the crowdsale ended we have been hard at work on various system improvements and additions to the Umbrella Coin client. After a series of tests today we have developed a functional voting system on the client. This will be integrated into the alpha when it is released. We may also provide […]

Moving Forward

TO ALL OUR VALUED CONTRIBUTORS:   After careful consideration we have decided that with all the recent setbacks and feedback from the community we will be ending the contract and terminating the crowdsale. We will now be focusing our attention on client development and features on the website. The unsold tokens will be burned within […]

Our crowdsale is now live! (again)

Hey everyone!   This is has been a crazy month for us here at Umbrella Coin. Our last month had few ups and downs, the major being the transition of the new team from previous team and subsequently the loss of a great development team. Today we’re pleased to announce after discussions with few aspirants, […]

Attn: To all of our contributors

TO ALL UMC CONTRIBUTORS: As of this morning we uncovered an error in the contract code which resulted in a premature end to the crowdsale. After a series of meetings today the team has decided to continue moving forward with the project. In order to continue moving forward UMC must redeploy the contract for the […]

Umbrella Coin Photo Contest!

GET YOUR UMBRELLAS OUT!! Umbrella Coin is running a photo contest! During the crowd sale, we are looking for photos of people holding umbrellas. Three winners will be chosen. Send your pictures to with the subject #getyourumbrellasout   1st Place will receive 1200 UMC 2nd Place will receive 600 UMC 3rd Place will receive […]

Dev team update and new path forward

After making rapid tides in the first week of the crowdsale, the momentum tapered off a little bit for the funds raised by Umbrella Coin in the previous week. People who trusted our platform early on have been eager to hear updates from our side regarding marketing, team, whether we will continue if we don’t […]

Dev Update — Week of August 20

    We (or really David) have been hard at work building out the prototype. We have policy cancellation/editing built out, most of the voting infrastructure implemented, the ability to add posts to a claim for community discussion, and have worked on general UI/UX improvements. Overall, the build out of the application is going better […]