Our Crowdsale is Launching!

    The big day is here! Our entire team has worked tireless for the past few months to bring this to fruition. You’ve seen our Alpha grow and become more polished. We’ve added more and more features over the last few weeks and are very close to having full functionality, besides blockchain integration and payouts. […]

Dev Update — Week of August 13th

        Another week of hard work for our team! Last week, I posted some whiteboarding sessions the development team had, and some rough screen shots of the claims page. What a difference a week makes! We’ve been pushing updates pretty regularly and have really improved the view, and started building out a […]

Dev Team Update — Week of August 6th

    Our dev team has been hard at work over the last week. We’ve been building on our prototype, which we released last week. Users can create basic policies, claims, and now have access to voting. We’ve been working on adding supporting evidence to claims and now we’re working on user flow. We want to […]

Dev Update — Week of July 30th

  The UMC dev team has been hard at work the last week. We made some major architectural decisions, implemented a very rough client (seen above), and started building out more of our contracts. We have decided to use Meteor (https://www.meteor.com/) for client development. Meteor gives us the power of a full-stack Javascript framework with […]

Dev Team Update — Week of July 24

  Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on what the dev team has been working on. Our team has grown quite a lot over the last week, and people have been ramping up on the existing code base and our proposed architecture. Some of the devs have been on vacation, so […]

Short Term Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability provides you income when you are unable to go to work. It can be because of an injury, illness, surgery, pregnancy, etc. Disability Insurance can be very expensive and depending on the plan you have, there can be many limitations. You need to ask yourself these questions: · How many days until […]

Are you aware of what you just bought?

You see it all the time on television — all the big-name insurance companies advertising how they can save them countless dollars on their home or automobile insurance. But are they doing a fair comparison with your existing coverage? It’s easy to contact another insurance company for quotes when you see that your existing policy went up […]

What Does a Benefits Package really mean?

If you’ve read our whitepaper, you know that we really started this project as a way to lessen the impact of hidden insurance costs on the policyholder. We’re also prioritizing paying back unused benefit seeding funds, while still providing payouts if certain waiting periods are met and the community approves your request. We’re staying away […]

Umbrella Coin

Umbrella Coin…for when life happens. As we go through life most of us are fortunate to go through some amazing events — like holding your baby in your arms for the first time. We also go through some trying times -like the loss of a child or a spouse. Not only can these events be emotionally draining, […]