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Project Name

Unity Matrix Commons


Where can I find the Terms of Service?

The ToS can be found here.


Why the name change? What happened to Umbrella Coin?

We received a cease and desist order from a Triple A insurance company. As part of the order, we were forced to rebrand the company. Also per this order, the terms that we were agreed to is to not disclose the company who executed the terms.


What happen to the original team?

During the early days of the project, an unfortunate situation occurred that involving team members being subjected to violation of personal privacy, blackmail, threats, and extortion. This forced the original CEO to resign along with some of the development staff. This has also prompted our current team to limit their exposure to avoid a repeat of this incident.


Who is in the team Now?

Our team consists of a C.E.O., a C.O.O., a C.F.O., a Marketing Manager, an Insurance Advisor as well as 3 core developers. Once the app comes closer to completion, more information will be released to social media.


What is Unity Matrix Commons?

We provide are a debt relief system to help people with the cost of auto deductibles.


Is Unity Matrix Commons insurance?

Unity Matrix Commons is NOT insurance. It works with the realm with in insurance helping to burden the cost of deductibles.


Token/Coin Symbol



Official website


Social media outlets






Is your token/coin a security?

No, it is not a security. By holding our token, there should be no expectations of returns. Our token was made to be used on our network to provide risk management services.


Where can we see your product? How do we use it?

We’re a next-generation blockchain application for covering hidden costs of traditional insurance. As part of the UMC community, you are able to open policies and claims, as well as vote on claims by other members of our community. We’re all here to help one another.


Is your project open-source?



Please provide a link to your GitHub repo.


Please provide the link to for your coin.

At this this we are not on due to the requirement of needing 50,000 dollars of daily trading.


Total coin/token supply:



Total coin/token circulation supply:

17,950,475.40 UMC

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Is UMC is on

At this this we are not on due to the requirement of needing 50,000 dollars of daily trading.


Which exchange(s) is your coin currently trading on?




Why are you not in “Blank” exchange?

Most exchanges have a waiting period and a very expensive entry payment in order to be listed. Some of these exchanges are at this time too expensive to be listed on but we are currently working on getting listed on more reasonably priced exchanges.


Is your coin ERC 20?



Please provide instructions on how to integrate your wallet?

At this time the wallet is being developed and tested.