Unity Matrix Commons: A year in Review


Our first Year

Wow, I can’t believe a year has gone by since Unity Matrix Commons began. It’s been a year filled with many ups and downs, excitement and tragedy, and continued development.

Let’s talk about the setbacks for this year. As many of you know, due to a conflict-of-interest, the original team left the project. In this transition, our new team has tried to rally the project and get us back on the right track. Unfortunately, we too have had many hurdles to climb and conquer as well. In early November, we were issued a cease and desist order from Travelers insurance. In order to settle this, we were forced to rebrand our company to Unity Matrix Commons. This took us more time than we expected, however we saw this as a positive change and were pleased to share it with the community.

In January, our close friend and huge supporter Rob Coppotelli passed away after a fierce battle with cancer. He was our rock; he provided support and encouragement for our team and we will miss him sorely. We took time away from the project to grieve. When we came back, we did so with a clear mind and continue to be committed to get this project  off the ground.

When we returned, we continued to work on the UMC platform created by the previous team. While the platform did technically work while locally being run, it was not something that we were proud of. The application was too rigid and would have caused further problems down the line as our user base expanded. We made the painful decision to move away from that platform. Instead, we are creating a platform that we are proud to develop; one that is clean, modern, assessable, and functional. Unfortunately, this has made us start from scratch. This has slowed our progress, however we are still making strides forward.

Finally, in the past few weeks, we have had another strike of bad news. Our lead developer has taken some time away due to the serious health issue of a family member. Our team cares about our staff and community; we treat them as we would treat family. He is taking some time off to be with his family in this troubling time and we wish him the best.

Now, we get to the good news. Our application has seen dramatic development has started in its beta phase. Since our initial testing, we have now started to accept additional users to our platform. If you would like to apply or contribute to the platform, you can click on the “Apply for the beta!” button right on our main page.

Speaking of our website, there have been dramatic and spectacular changes from our previous site. It has been modernized and we have placed all of our news, updates, and all of our important information right in a single place. If you haven’t checked it out, please do! Our site is https://www.unitymatrixcommons.com/ . You won’t be disappointed.

In an attempt to bridge both our discord and telegram communities, we have created a bot to talk to both chats from either program. This has increased our ability to check in with our community as well as share news, development updates, and other important information.

We have also launched on multiple exchanges this year. We have also opened our token up to trading for both ETH and BTC. Our most recent exchange was on Crex24, however we are also listed on ForkDelta and YoBit. We are working on listing on larger exchanges such as HitBTC and will let you know when we have more information. The listings can be found on the links below:





And last, but not least, we have started the process to form a company. Since we rebranded, we now had to start a company in a new name. We are in the process of finalizing the company and will present more news about that as soon as were finished!

As you can see, this has been an amazing and trying year for everyone involved in this project. We still continue to move forward while learning from our mistakes. While we are not the best at communicating to our community, you have our commitment to becoming better at both our communication and engagement with our community. With this being said, we would like to thank our members for their trust and commitment through all of the good and the bad times and we thank you. Here’s to a productive and exciting new year!

Thanks for your support,

The UMC Team

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